Architecture Of Texas

Texas is known for a lot of things: bar-b-que, the Alamo, football, longhorns. There are certain iconic images that come to mind when someone mentions Texas. One of Texas’ most unique and defining attributes, though, is little talked about: its architecture. The history of Texas is a story about how many different cultures and people groups came to live in one place. These different influences led to a blended architectural style unlike anything else in the world.

The majority of European settlers to Texas were Spanish missionaries that built missions out of stone, wood, or adobe in the traditional Spanish style. These buildings, such as the Alamo, are what come to mind when people think or talk about Texan history. They were not the only Europeans present in Texas, though. There were French, German, Italian, and other European nationals who came to settle in Texas, along with thousands of indigenous people and Mexican nationals that lived in the territory and helped influence architectural design. This blend of styles had given Texas a unique heritage of buildings unlike anywhere else.

Today, the saying goes that ‘Everything is Bigger in Texas.’ Which may be true when it comes to architectural design. Houston has the third tallest skyline in the United States and is among the top ten tallest skyline in the world. It stretches across several miles and is considered to be one of the most impressive skylines in America, based on its breadth and height.

When it comes to residential architecture, Texas homes are often thought to be sprawling and spacious with design elements from all parts of Texas’ rich architectural history. From stucco fronts to large entryways, these houses have often been referred to as ‘Rich Texas Architecture.’ And while these homes are often beautiful and striking, they may not always be entirely functional.

When David Wiggins graduated from architectural school, he envisioned himself working in a large, commercial architectural firm. Little did he know that just a few years down the road, he would be perfecting the art of drawing affordable home plans for people across Texas and around the world.  

Like Texas architecture, David Wiggins draws inspiration from a myriad of different places. His homes are designed from the inside out- which maximizes flow and usability of the indoor space- but also leaves room for interesting additions to the exterior of the house. Many of his homes combine the elements of ‘Rich Texas’ houses with turrets and Windsor doors. And the best part is: they are extremely affordable.

David Wiggins specializes in stock home plans for people who want to build their dream home. Every plan is fully customizable and can be tailored to fit you and your family’s needs. If you are planning on building your dream home, call David Wiggins. His expertise and experience can help put you into the home you’ve always wanted. Call or click today!

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