What building codes do your plans conform to?

Our plans are designed to generally conform to the IRC (version current at time of plan creation) as dictated by the needs of South Central Texas where we are located. There is however, no way to insure that our plans will have all the information required by your local codes and regional requirements, such as snow and wind/seismic loading. etc. You may have to modify the plans some to meet local codes. If requirements in your area are strict, we highly recommend hiring a local professional to consult with you.

Do your plans include mechanical, plumbing and electrical drawings?

Our plans include schematic electrical drawings, there is however no circuiting or wire sizing included. This is typically handled by your electrical subcontractor. HVAC and plumbing drawings are not included as they are subject to the site conditions and orientation on your specific site. These subcontractors also typically handle any drawings, sketches, etc necessary to construct their work. ‘In place’ inspections of electrical, mechanical and plumbing are almost always required for permitting and lender inspections and is your safe guard against faulty work.

When I buy a plan can I download it?

Each plan has a PDF option that is downloadable. This is only available with slab foundations. All other options will be either emailed or mailed to you.

What comes with the downloadable PDF plan?

The PDF plan is a full set of working drawings for the home. It is an electronic file that can be downloaded so that you can meet with your builder quickly and begin discussions on building this home. Purchasing the PDF option also comes with a waiver letter which we will email you, that gives you the rights to make as many copies as you need to complete construction of a single home using these plans. PDF files are useful for a number of things as well such as appraisal reports, estimating software, being easy to email to all parties involved in construction of your home, and are highly recommended for this reason. PDF’s are stamped “not to be reproduced” as the owner who holds the waiver letter is the only party allowed to actually make any hard copies.

What is a PDF Bid Set?

A PDF Bid Set is a full set of plans that is stamped in red -“PRELIMINARY – NOT FOR CONSTRUCTION”, that can be used to obtain a quote from a builder. These plans do not come with a license to build and are for bidding only and are a considerably less expensive option to give you the opportunity to refine your decision. These are not downloadable and must be emailed.

What is a Five Set Option?

The Five Set option, includes 5 copies and a single license to build the home once. Plans are copyrighted and stamped “not to be reproduced”. No additional copies may be made from these sets.

What is an Eight Set Option?

The Eight Set option, includes 8 hard copies and a single license to build the home once. Plans are copyrighted and stamped “not to be reproduced”. No additional copies may be made from these sets.

How many copies do I need? Can I buy additional sets?

Typically you need around 10-15 copies sets to build your home. This is why we recommend the PDF option. However, If you need additional sets of plans you can purchase them (cost between $50 – $100/set) by contacting us by email here, or call us at 1 (832) 521-5820.

Can I buy additional licenses to build again?

Yes, additional licenses to build cost the price of the 5 set option and allow you to build the home once more. Please contact us by email here, or call us at 1 (832) 521-5820.

What is an AutoCAD file?

An AutoCAD file is our original electronic drawing file that can be used to modify the home design by a CAD specialist of your choosing. We use AutoCAD 2014 and can save back to 2004 in either .dwg or .dxf formats.

Do you offer foundation options other than a basic slab?

We offer slab, crawlspace, and basement options for each of our plans.

Can you flip the layout of the plan?

Sure can! In fact, this is already available for every plan under the Layout option.

Can you make changes to the design for us?

Yes! Send us your wish list and we can have one of our modification services get back to you with an estimate of cost and time to complete.


What types of payment do you accept?

We accept VISA and Mastercard cards.

Do you accept refunds?

We do not accept refunds but we will exchange plans for another plan that suits you better – one time.


Can you overnight my plan?

Yes, we can. You can specify your preferred shipping option on the checkout page. However, if you want to be absolutely sure that you are going to receive the plan on time shoot us an email, or call us to make sure. We require physical addresses on all shipping as we use FedEx for all of our shipping.


I need help. How can I contact you?

You can contact us by email here, or call us at 1 (832) 521-5820.