Home Building Process and Design Trends

Pleasant Forest –

In the coming blogs, I will be writing about relevant construction and home building issues, trends and observations. My wife and I are currently building a home in Magnolia, Texas and are learning a great deal that we wish to share with our clients who are building homes too.

Below is the site we are working with after the ‘pad’ was constructed in March 2014.  This foundation method was new to me as I presently live and practice in Central Texas where we build formwork all the way down to the existing grade.  But as they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do, and this is how they do it in Magnolia.. One of the early challenges we faced dealt with a bad load of dirt.  The plasticity index was too high and all 200 truck loads had to be removed and replaced. This set our schedule back significantly early on, one of many to come, and has become a test in faith that God is working all this for good .. eventually, even though it presents challenges that literally make you want to pull all of your, and your builder’s, hair right out.  🙂

Next week I’ll be elaborating more on our process of selecting a builder and the challenges we faced which are very much the same challenges our clients face as we knew zero builders in this area.


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