Outdoor Living Spaces

If you have come to David Wiggins to design your home, chances are you take layout and interior design seriously. But what about your outdoor living spaces? If you live in Texas, there are several months out of the year that are perfect for enjoying the great outdoors of your backyard. We’ve put together some great ideas for how to creating the perfect outdoor living space, without spending tons of money.

  • Diversify the uses of your potted plants: Using potted plants to create designated areas within your garden can add a feeling of separated “rooms” to your backyard without building trellises or walls. Private spaces are often inviting and are great for reading, sunbathing, or sitting with friends.
  • Find things for cheap on the internet: Websites like Craigslist are a great place to shop for gently used outdoor furniture. Also, check Facebook in your area for groups related to furniture swaps or things for sale. You never know what great outdoor furniture you might find.
  • DIY your own furniture: You can never underestimate what will make a great piece of outdoor furniture. Old pallets and crates can be stacked to make tables and chairs. Old planters can be turned over and topped with pieces of wood to make end tables. While decorating your outdoor space, don’t be afraid to use bring colors and accents.
  • Fire Pits and Fireplaces: A fire pit is a guaranteed conversation started at any event or gathering. They are also nice to have for you and your family to sit around on cool evenings. If you are able, you can design an entire outdoor kitchen area. David Wiggins is happy to help you design any outdoor kitchen area you might have in mind.

David Wiggins’ stock plans are designed with you in mind. They include liveable and fully customizable indoor spaces to suit you and your family’s needs. If you prefer a home with equally as liveable and fully customizable living spaces, David Wiggins can help with that too. Call or click today to find out more what your dream home could look like today!

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