Sample Plans – What to expect in a complete set of our construction documents.

**Note – images have been intentionally obscured to protect our material.

Floor Plans:


  • Dimensions
  • Door and window sizes
  • Room names, ceiling heights and floor finishes
  • plumbing fixture locations
  • cabinet locations and tags to elevation pages


Exterior Elevations:

  • Plate heights of all exterior walls
  • Roof pitches
  • Overhang dimensions
  • Window header heights
  • Material call outs, siding, roof and trim
  • Details as reqquired



  • Building sections as deemed necessary
  • Floor to floor to ceiling heights
  • Structural materials noted
  • Details as required


Cabinet Elevations:

  • Sizes and configurations of cabinets
  • Finish materials
  • Plumbing fixture locations


Framing Plans:

  • Floor, ceiling and roof framing schematics
  • Size of members
  • Header schedule
  • General notes


Foundation Plans:

  • Slab foundation comes standard
  • Basement and crawlspace plans are options and come with a perimeter wall layout, interior pier locations and separate framing plan.
  • Details of footings and perimeter walls


Electrical Schematics:

  • Location of all electrical outlets, lights, switches, smoke detectors
  • Indicates how lighting is switched
  • Does not include wiring sizes or circuiting

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