Swimming In Summer

One of the major perks of designing and building your own home is the ability to make it completely yours. Added details like large kitchens and expansive closets are appealing, but there’s nothing quite like owning your own pool. Many of David Wiggins’ architectural home plans include the option to add a pool. In honor of Fourth of July, we’ve put together a list essentials to make your Independence Day pool party (or any pool party) at your own home a huge success:

  • Stock Up on Supplies: When hosting a backyard pool party, pool noodles and floats are a necessity. You may also want to have extra sunscreen and towels on hand for guests who don’t bring their own. If you have these things on hand it will cut down on the chance that people will leave their things behind. In honor of Fourth of July, make a rule that everyone must show up wearing the American Flag in some way or another and have hats and sunglasses on hand for anyone who forgets.
  • Games: Pool games are one of the best parts of a pool party. Great ideas include traditional games like Marco Polo, or throwing quarters on the bottom of the pool for kids to dive and retrieve. If you really want to go all out, you can provide water balloons and water guns.
  • Decorations: While it might be tempting to do standard red, white, and blue theme for an Independence Day party. Consider doing a ‘Night Under the American Stars’ theme and stringing tea lights over the pool to add a summer night’s glow.
  • Snacks: The menu is an important part of any party. Pool snacks have to be easy to handle, especially with wet hands. While it might be fun to break out a fancy new recipe, old standbys like watermelon and hot dogs always go over well. Also, consider getting a floating cooler so that guests don’t have to get out of the water every time they want a fresh beverage.
  • Music: It’s tempting to play the Beach Boys and Lee Greenwood and other water-based tunes when you’re swimming. Don’t be afraid to play music that fits the mood of your party. Your guests will thank you when they are having a great time.

Most importantly, we wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday weekend this Fourth of July. David Wiggins has been designing affordable and liveable home plans for his clients for almost two decades. Not only does he understand the importance of interior spaces, he also knows that livable outdoor spaces are just as crucial to making a house a home. Whether it’s designing your dream pool deck or a backyard terrace, David Wiggins is here to help you every step of the way. Call or click to shop plans today!

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